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 Water Jet Cutting

Reasons to Use Waterjet

No heat - Waterjets do not produce heat like other processes, so there are no metallurgical changes, warpage, or discoloration of your parts. Good edge quality - No heat affected zone, no slag or dross to grind off, minimal burring - waterjets eliminate costly secondary finishing.

Any material - Anything from the softest foam to the hardest metal or composite can be cut with waterjets. Some of the materials include glass, stone, steel, stainless steel, brass, graphite, titanium and inconel. Thin, thick & heavy - Materials as thin as .010" or as thick as 8" are not a problem with waterjets.

Intricate parts - The thin kerf and omni-directional cutting of the waterjet means very intricate parts with paper thin walls can be cut with no problem.

Ideal for prototypes or large production runs - Whether your project involves one part or one thousand, waterjets can cut it precisely and economically.

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